Industrial & Logistics

Industrial & Logistics

Affordable, fast building solutions to provide industrial and commercial companies with easy on-site storage and operating space for short and medium-term use.

Designed and manufactured
in Germany

Factory new buildings
with comprehensive warranty

Extensive range
of accessories

Purchase or rent
for flexible financing

Temporary buildings and industrial marquees for industry

HTS TENTIQ’s commercial and storage marquees are a simple and effective way to temporarily or permanently expand your available space in the company.

We are one of the leading suppliers of industrial temporary tents and industrial marquees for suppliers and end customers. Our demountable industrial buildings and storage tents are affordable, durable and quick to install, providing additional on-site space for 6 months up to 15 years or longer.

All our warehouses and structures can provide fast, economical extra space for compliance with social distancing rules.

Create your own industrial structure with our quick & easy Configurator Tool

Our configurator tool allows you to design your structure to suit your needs. Design your ideal structure and see how it will look in less than 3 minutes! Receive an estimate and copy of your configuration.

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Our temporary buildings and industrial marquees for industry


We are a globally recognised and trusted brand that convinces customers all over the world with a diverse selection, outstanding quality, global presence and innovative ideas.


Canopies, non-insulated warehouses, temperature-controlled warehouses or insulated buildings with steel roofs are available as standard. Customised solutions are available on request.


HTS TENTIQ continuously improves its range of marquees and structures to ensure they suit all environments, provide maximum functionality and durability.


You can hire or purchase your temporary building to keep budgets flexible. You can also easily dismantle, remove, relocate, re-sell or modify your building keeping business choices flexible.

Customer Service

Our specialist industrial teams will guide, support, project manage, install, demount, relocate, adapt, fix and assist with ongoing maintenance as required.


State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities produce up to 60,000 m² of finished marquees and temporary structures, allowing HTS TENTIQ to deliver fast and inexpensive global distribution ex works.


Full range including: door options, windows, canopies, HVAC, electrics, lighting, flooring, guttering and more.

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