HTS TENTIQ supports local fire brigade and launches TDU Portable Privacy Tent.

On Thursday 18th February 2022, HTS TENTIQ GmbH delivered its new TDU Portable Privacy Tent, to the Kefenrod fire department. The Kefenrod fire brigade tested the first prototype extensively and found it to be a professional solution for use. On 25 September 2021, the TDU tent was unveiled for the first time at the fire brigade festival in Hitzkirchen. TDU Portable Privacy Tents have been available from HTS TENTIQ GmbH since the start of 2022.

The German Social Accident Insurance e.V. (DGUV) has stated emergency workers should be protected from fire smoke, other combustion products or combustion residues as well as associated hazardous substances. When assessing the risks of certain deployment scenarios, the emergency services may conclude that their contaminated personal protective equipment (PPE) must be removed at the time of deployment and packed at the site.

For this reason, first responders are strongly advised to remove their contaminated PPE while still at the scene and clean highly exposed areas of the body. Once this has been done, additional measures at the fire station are usually no longer necessary.

The HTS TENTIQ “TDU” is one of the core products of the “Accommodation and Shelter” product family, which was specially developed for the rapid deployment of fire departments. As a result of its low transport volume and minimal weight, it provides a fast solution for fire brigades during an emergency. Quick assembly is guaranteed, as the Portable Privacy Tent can easily be erected within a few minutes.


Product used:

TDU Portable Privacy Tent

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