100 Emergency Tents in response to pandemic
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100 Emergency Tents supplied in response to pandemic


In March 2020 a Spanish-based military supplier of field camp solutions required over one hundred emergency tents for the COVID-19 pandemic. The tents were to be supplied to their end-user customer as part of larger field camp projects, in response to the crisis.


The Emergency P-Tents UKMZ-H from HTS TENTIQ are designed for field camp situations and can be deployed quickly and easily the world over.

  • The largest tent in the range can accommodate up to 20 beds and be transported in one bundle weighing approx. 172.00 kg.
  • An average-size emergency tent takes about 15 minutes to set up by 3 people. No prior knowledge or special equipment is required for the process.
  • Tents can be adapted to suit most environments and climates with a range of accessories and options including: flooring systems, partition walling, tent to tent connections, rollable side entrances, electrics and temperature control systems.
  • The Emergency Tents come in a range of sizes from 4.75m to 5.90m wide and extendable lengths in 2.00m increments. Bespoke and larger sizes are also available.


For this project the Emergency P-Tent from HTS TENTIQ was the perfect solution: An Emergency Tent proving its value in a true global emergency. HTS TENTIQ’s fast and accurate response also meant the tents could be deployed to the field camp and set up quickly, supporting the fight against the pandemic.


Emergency P-Tent


4.75-5.90m x 1.70-1.90m
in different lengths

Roof Design

Polyester-cotton-mix covers

Product used in this case study:

Emergency P-Tent

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