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Luxury 2 Storey Sales Office on Miami Beach Millionaire’s Row


With the purpose of promoting and selling the ’57 Ocean’ apartments to prospective clients, HTS TENTIQ was asked to design and manufacture a sales office structure to match the beautiful and exclusive surroundings of Miami Beach. The office was to be located on the ground floor whilst the first floor was transformed to resemble one of the luxury high-end residential apartments. The following requirements needed to be met:

  • The structure needed the strength to withstand the sometimes harsh Atlantic coastal climate
  • Site space was restricted due to the demolition of a former condo and strict regulatory procedures needed to be adhered to
  • As the installation was to be for a 3 year period, the design needed to meet a 140mph wind-load for a 25 year MRI which is well above the average building code required for a temporary structure
  • Florida Building Code insisted that all cladding materials met their product code approval. There were other concerns relating to the beach front location; windows and lighting from the structure needed to meet light pollution requirements for nesting turtles

Correct planning was essential to ensure that all issues were identified well ahead of time, ensuring a smooth execution.


Taking just 8 weeks from start to finish, the structure fits beautifully with the luxurious setting of ’57 Ocean.’

The structure designed, manufactured and installed by HTS TENTIQ was to the following specification:

  • 1 custom-design 2-storey structure – 15.00m wide x 18.00m long
  • 7.00m side height
  • Tensioned vinyl roof
  • Specified to meet the required 140mph wind-load for a 25 year MRI
  • All cladding met the required product codes
  • Manufactured and installed within 8 weeks

OSHA representatives ensured that all safety regulations were met during the demolition and new installation.

Teams from HTS TENTIQ and Cavossa Management worked in close collaboration with Cavossa Management to deliver a stunning interior fit-out, demonstrating just what can be achieved with a solid team of experts.


Chosen as a result of expert design and manufacturing capabilities, HTS TENTIQ is proud to have delivered a sales office that reflects the natural beauty and exclusivity of the condos and apartments.

Our customer is interested in buying other structures and is already looking at future locations for this.

Aluminium Box beam clearspan structures such as this and vinyl tensioned roofs are proving to be a demountable building system that allows for exciting and visionary designs as well as offering a unique sales office environment.


Manhattan Double Level


15.00m 18.00m 7.00m

Roof Design

Tensioned vinyl

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Manhattan Double Level

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