Temporary Structures for Dance Studios
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Temporary Structures for Dance Studios


Six temporary structures were needed at an international dance school. The school was seeing an increasing number of students enrolling, so instead of having to turn them away, they decided to increase capacity and dance studio space available. Luckily the land next to the school was available for rent and perfect for accommodating the new studios.


The temporary structures were all prefabricated to the following specifications:

  • 10.00m x 15.00m with a 4.20m eave height
  • Thermo opaque blackout roof
  • 40mm insulated wall panels and 2.40m side height glass panels
  • Timber sub frame floor with wooden boards

With two HTS TENTIQ buildings already in use on site before the additional six were installed, the client realised that a high level of insulation was needed to reduce the noise in the new buildings. By choosing the superior insulated building range they were able to fit and hang a laminated plaster and rock wool roof from the ceiling to help absorb noise levels. The walls were then fitted with the same paneling as the ceiling and a special foam flooring was laid to improve noise reduction further.


With 8 structures now installed on site the school is very confident in the HTS TENTIQ product and strong German design and engineering. The aesthetics, quality and functionality of the structures was key to this project, all of which were first class and able to suitably represent the school and the high level of training they deliver.


Insulated buildings


20.00m x 35.00m x 6.20m

Roof Design


Product used in this case study:

Insulated buildings

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