Critical to the successful delivery of our products is a comprehensive service offering,
delivered by our world-class installation teams, technicians and project managers.

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Over half a century experience and expertise

The primary goal of our company is to provide our customers with a comprehensive and first-class service, from conception to completion. Our team of experts will provide you with the optimal marquee system at the right price and at the right time. We will advise you on the most suitable construction, design, application possibilities, accessories and services. In addition, we assist you from the first consultation to the final installation, keeping within your budget and timeframe.

Our team operates worldwide. We employ more than 50 technical sales staff who represent us in 36 regions. As a result, the person responsible for your project has all the necessary knowledge about local building regulations, planning permission, requirements for structural work or environmental regulations.

Our local presence means that we to react quickly to changes, attend meetings at short notice, resolve problems on site and support the project through to completion. With us, you get more than just a voice on the phone. When time is of the essence, this global presence helps projects run quickly and smoothly, as is essential when building emergency shelters or refugee camps.

Global structure

Our technical staff and project managers are available for fast and smooth operations around the world. Rapid deployment around the world is a critical part of our product and service offering.

Our efficient global deployment starts with continuous product development to ensure that all products can offer the maximum performance with minimum transport volume and with an easy and quick set-up.

Turnkey solutions

Our products and services are customised for projects and services, whether it is a complete field camp or a bespoke tent system.

Most of our tents can be used for multiple purposes, such as different living and working areas. They are manufactured to withstand site-specific snow and wind loads and can be adapted to project, climate and environmental factors.


General maintenance includes the repair or replacement of frame components, individual parts and covers as well as the regular inspection or repair of container systems such as plumbing, kitchens, generators and supply containers.

You can choose between an open-ended maintenance contract or an individual order.

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