Carbon-Hybrid Shelters

Cutting-edge technology for tents and lightweight structures.

Carbon-Hybrid – lightweight rapid deployment shelters

Designed exclusively for our defence clients, the HTS tentiQ Government Authority CARBON-HYBRID Shelter Series is one of the most advanced structures of its kind and the optimum in lightweight military tents.

It is without doubt one of the most important innovations introduced to the market in recent years.

These lightweight rapid deployment tents are designed and patented exclusively by HTS tentiQ. We are the first and only company to offer this solution – it is presently not available through any other supplier or channel.

The structures feature a frame that is much lighter than comparable conventional structures and yet much stronger withstanding far higher snow and wind loadings.

Its packaged weight is up to 35% less and packaged volume is up to 50% less.

This ground-breaking innovation brings a whole new meaning to the phrase Rapid Deployment – CARBON-HYBRID shelters can be deployed far quicker than traditional shelters whilst providing a superior performance in the most extreme and severe weather conditions and environments.

The CARBON-HYBRID has been certified by the competent laboratories for the construction Industry in Europe.

Why us

We are a globally recognised, trusted brand that impresses customers around the world with a diverse selection, outstanding quality, global presence and innovative ideas.


Our full range of quick-erect shelter tents provide protection for almost all military and humanitarian operations worldwide. From quick-erect shelters to large aircraft hangars and pioneering innovations with our lightweight carbon tents.


Continuous improvements in the development and testing of our shelters and HTS systems ensure that they are suitable for the most adverse environments, terrains or situations and consistently provide maximum functionality and durability.


We cater to your financial constraints and provide competitively priced products with appropriate ex-factory pricing. For complete camps and project solutions, we try to offer a fixed total price.


We have a dedicated department of experts for all military and humanitarian requirements who oversee support, sales and worldwide deployment. For our HTS projects, we provide our highly skilled installation teams to handle on-site project management for you, if required.


Our own highly skilled technical department and project management teams are available for consultation and rapid global deployment to handle and support any defence or humanitarian project.


A comprehensive range of accessories to ensure maximum comfort and performance in harsh environments and climates. These include: Sun shades, insulation, foil overlays, solid walls, flooring, heating and air conditioning units and electrical equipment. Full turnkey camps can be provided with complete accessories and equipment.

Our models in this product line

Our three most popular shelter systems can be supplied using the CARBON-HYBRID profile: Troop Shelters, Multi-purpose Tents and Maintenance Shelters.

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