Our team – consisting of technicians, structural engineers and designers – has been setting new standards in innovation, design and manufacturing for decades. All products are developed and optimised at our sites in accordance with our ISO certification.

German Quality

All products are designed and manufactured by us in Germany. Components are CNC machined and finished by hand. All structures are manufactured and certified to European and international standards. We are considered a driving force in the industry for temporary buildings made of aluminium and have one of the largest ranges of temporary and semi-permanent event tents as well as temporary buildings for the private, industrial and public sectors globally.

Create your own structure with our quick & easy Configurator Tool

Our configurator tool allows you to design your structure to suit your needs. Design your ideal structure and see how it will look in less than 3 minutes! Receive an estimate and copy of your configuration.

Cutting-edge technology for tents and lightweight structuresThe HTS TENTIQ “CARBON-HYBRID tents” have been designed exclusively for military use and is one of the most advanced designs of its kind. It is without doubt one of the most important innovations on the market in recent years.

These tent systems were exclusively designed and patented by HTS TENTIQ.

We are the first and only company in the world to offer this solution. It is currently not available from any other manufacturer of tent and temporary building systems. The structures feature a frame that is much lighter and smaller than comparable conventional structures.
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