Retail & Commercial

Retail & Commercial

Commercial marquees and temporary structures for retail, restaurants, bars, cafes, garden centres, hotels and much more.

Designed and manufactured
in Germany

Factory new buildings
with comprehensive warranty

Extensive range
of accessories

Optimal solutions to suit all budgets

Creating space for your retail organisation

HTS TENTIQ commercial temporary buildings and large marquees provide a flexible means of expanding your retail or operational space. Our commercial tents are also easy to install and are suitable for larger renovation projects and shop conversions. Also ideal for garden centres, visitor centres, cafes, bars, restaurants, pubs, company canteens, hotels and much more.

Create your own industrial structure with our quick & easy Configurator Tool

Our configurator tool allows you to design your structure to suit your needs. Design your ideal structure and see how it will look in less than 3 minutes! Receive an estimate and copy of your configuration.

Case Studies on the commercial marquees and temporary structures

Our commercial marquees and temporary structures

Why us?

We are a globally recognised and trusted brand, providing customers around the world with a diverse product range, outstanding quality and innovative ideas.


All sizes and designs available to suit all budgets. From simple canopies and pagodas for bars, pubs and restaurants, to larger bespoke structures for additional commercial retail space or to increase capacity for customer hospitality areas.


HTS TENTIQ continuously improves its range of marquees and structures to ensure they suit all environments, provide maximum functionality, and provide maximum durability.


We have a comprehensive range of products to suit all budgets: from simple weather protection options to fully equipped semi-permanent structures.

Customer Service

Our knowledgeable and experienced team has industry and product expertise gained through decades of experience and can provide you with exactly the support you need: from simple expert advice and order processing to full project management.


State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities produce up to 60,000 m² of finished marquees and temporary structures, allowing HTS TENTIQ to deliver fast and inexpensive global distribution ex works.


We offer a comprehensive range of accessories to create a perfect environment including: glass walling, clear roofing, timber flooring, lighting, linings and insulation panels.

Our expertise

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