Canopy Buildings
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Canopy Buildings

For loading and unloading operations. Temporary storage and basic weather protection.

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Our industrial canopies and warehouse canopy range can be installed onto existing concrete surfaces without needing any pre-prepared ground works. They are ideal for creating quick and economical covered space for loading/unloading, temporary storage or recycling.

  • Canopy buildings usually take around 3 or 4 days to install and can be used on a temporary or permanent basis. Both hire or sale contracts offer flexible options around dismantling, removal, relocation or resale.
  • Engineered from a lightweight aluminium frame and an industrial grade PVC roofing system, industrial canopies can be supplied in a number of different configurations and options. A simple roof canopy can be supplied or any number of walls can be added (as long as a consistent air-flow is maintained). Wall panels can either be corrugated steel sheeting or PVC side panels.
  • To assist with loading/ unloading applications an industrial canopy can be linked to existing warehouse buildings or together. 7.20 m wall height is available to allow for double-deck trailers.


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Main Components

The frame for our canopies is manufactured by HTS TENTIQ in Germany from a combination of high grade anodised aluminium and corrosive resistant galvanised steel for the connecting parts.

Roof Covers
Two different options are available for the roof covering: single layer for basic weather protection and composite steel roof panels.


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