10 Reasons to Use Portable Temporary BuildingsThe last 12 months has seen some turmoil for UK businesses with the build up to and result of Brexit. For a period last year the business world seemed to temporarily hold its breath, pausing large decisions and investments and simply waiting to see how the British public would vote.

Hold your breath too long though and you’ll perish, so wisely businesses have started breathing again and pushing ahead regardless of the uncertain commercial (and political) landscape. Safeguarding against future uncertainty is also wise so the trick is to get a balance between surging on and managing risk.

When it comes to expanding your business with new property and operational space there is no better way to achieve this balance than incorporating portable temporary buildings into your long-term business strategy.

At HTS we have seen time after time, with literally hundreds of temporary building projects, businesses being able to expand their operations and grow their business without large cost or risk.

These ten reasons to use portable temporary buildings are from customer feedback and ideal for managing growth and risk in a post Brexit world.
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1. Low investment

Whether you hire or buy portable temporary buildings the investment is small compared to a more permanent structure. Some customers have quoted up to 70% less upfront cost when purchasing. And, hiring is a monthly trickle that is often small enough to come out of operational budgets as opposed to capital expenditure.

2. Flexible investment

Most finance options are flexible with portable temporary buildings. Monthly or quarterly hire, outright purchase, hire to buy, buy back options and sometimes lease-purchase.

3. Low financial risk

Hire contracts are the lowest risk financial option. You hire for a certain period and then give the building back or extend the contract. Buying outright also offers the opportunity to sell the building on when you’ve finished with it, often back to the supplier or on the open market. Both options, but particularly the hire, literally give you the ability to quickly expand and contract your operation in line with any future Brexit fallout or other external factors.

4. Quicker return

Portable temporary buildings are fast to supply and install. Even if they are manufactured to order as opposed to being taken from stock the turn-around is still weeks and not months. Once delivered to site a typical warehouse building takes under a week to install. If you’re expanding for growth reasons, then that growth is going to appear much quicker on your bottom line.

5. Healthier return

Not only will the return from growth opportunities be quick but, given the small initial investment, they should be healthy, securing a fast, profitable return to plough back into your business.

6. Under one roof

Using portable temporary buildings makes it very easy and quick to bring all storage and warehousing under one roof – your own. You obviously need the space on site in the first place to build on, but if you have and want to start losing the extra costs associated with hiring off-site – fuel, time, stock control, security etc – then there is no easier, more economical or risk free way of doing so.

7. On trial

A temporary interim space on site is ideal to trial new products, new processes or systems before committing investment and other resources long-term. Corrections and refinements can be implemented and costly mistakes avoided before integrating any such major change to a long-term business strategy.

8. Minimal disruption

Because the installation method for a portable temporary building is so fast and easy, there is usually minimal or no disruption to daily operations during the build program. This means no risk of Because the installation method for a portable temporary building is so fast and easy, there is usually minimal or no disruption to daily operations during the build program. This means no risk of any down-time or the continual disruptions associated with a longer-term build project.

9. Leave your competitors behind

Many business opportunities need a fast response. Some tenders, new orders or customers might require evidence of extra operational or storage space in order to win the business in the first place. Installing portable temporary buildings in just a few weeks could make all the difference to winning a lucrative tender or new customer and keeping you ahead of the competition.

10. Utilise space

A temporary building is very good at generating value from previously dead site space. And, if the building is being removed at some stage there will be little evidence of its existence so the space can very easily be used to generate value in another way.

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There is no doubt that portable temporary buildings are superb at managing growth against risk. And, the simple design and easy installation leaves them pretty much error or hassle free so the likely-hood of your business experiencing some, or all, of these benefits is high.

There is a large choice as well. The various specifications and designs offer basic weather protection through to a steel roofed fully insulated unit and multiple options in between. Buildings are suitable for most storage and operational requirements and flexible finance options open the choices out even further.

These benefits and choices make it hard to see any other option as Brexit starts to become a reality as opposed to a Newspaper Headline.

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