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Businesses adapt through temporary buidlings
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Recent times have kept businesses on their toes like never before.

Brexit, flooding, climate change and now, of course, the global pandemic have forced businesses to prove over and over that they can adapt to external macro changes in a resourceful and prosperous way; with results that probably even take them by surprise.

Never before have businesses needed to be so fluid, fearless and fundamentally adaptable. And, demountable temporary buildings are one of the many things that can support this.

For the businesses that manage to adapt successfully through the COVID-19 pandemic, there are potentially other rewards, alongside simply making it out in one piece.

What can we do to get through?

Back to adaptable. Many businesses have shone through by quickly diversifying product ranges. Global companies down to small local businesses have found ways to remain productive and, at the same time, help fight the pandemic. Doing the ‘right thing’ is suddenly very rewarding, in many ways.

Where this diversification is genuinely helping the cause, businesses are earning loyalty and respect from the wider market and raising morale and solidarity amongst staff, who have a better chance of keeping their job, during and after the pandemic.

Aerospace companies, car makers, cosmetics giants and gin producers have re-purposed and boosted production for ventilators, hand sanitisers and plastic visors.
Local small businesses and even individuals are also diversifying on a smaller scale, making hospital gowns and masks.

What does it take?

To diversify and adapt takes creativity, quick thinking, accurate number crunching, rapid action and courage! In current circumstances a sense of morality for many is playing a big part.
If part of the adapting and diversifying plan requires more space – quickly – then one of the ways to get it is by using a temporary demountable building.

What can a demountable temporary building give you?

In short, a temporary building can provide fast, affordable, easy on-site space for short or long-term use, for many varied purposes including:

• Additional storage or warehousing space.
• Extra workshop or operational space.
• Creating new areas for working.
• Extra space for social distancing.
• Added cover for loading and unloading.

The fast installation (and dismantle/removal) of under a week, plus the option to hire for as long as needed or buy outright, means businesses can have extra space exactly when, where and for how long they need it.

The simple ability to expand and contract on-site space economically, quickly and with minimal commercial risk cannot be underestimated.

Evolving for the future

There is hope amongst some that the pandemic will change business, particularly in terms of working and living more sustainably. After all, COVID-19 might seem small-scale if we cannot turn back the tide on climate change.

Remaining adaptable and open to change is going to be critical and, on a small-scale, demountable temporary buildings can support this ongoing evolution.

Temporary, flexible on-site space can allow businesses to trial new processes, products and ways of working before making long-term strategic and financial commitments, leading to more sustainable ways of working – for businesses as well as the climate.

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