Temp Building Configurator – Design Yours in 3 Minutes!

Like many things in life the criteria to consider when you need a temp building installing on site comes down to the age old What, When, Why, Where and How.

Generally the ‘What’ and ‘How’ equates to the specification; what you need it for and how you need it; size, cladding, insulation, doors etc. And, we now have a fabulous new tool on our website which can help you with this. In fact, more than help, it allows you to create a 3D design of your building specification.

If you’re thinking you don’t have time for that, think again. Our configurator can create a visual representation of your building in under 3 minutes. And, it’s quite good fun!

Building Configurator

Why use our Temp Building Configurator?

Knowledge – creating your building using our configurator is not far off what happens in an actual installation. So, by using this tool you will start to gain a real understanding of the simplicity and speed benefits associated with industrial temp buildings.

Suitability – if you’re new to temporary buildings using our configurator will give you a better idea in under 3 minutes as to whether one is right for your business. You will be able to understand very quickly what the different wall and roof cladding systems are and how they will look as well as the various pedestrian and vehicle access doors including different placement options.

Speed – quite simply it will speed up your project. Before we had the configurator tool we would send the same sort of 3D drawing with our quotation. You can now have the visual representation of your building at the start of the project and have the ability to modify yourself as the project evolves; creating faster decision making that you are in control of.

Lastly, and this shouldn’t really be listed as a genuine reason, but it’s actually quite good fun! And, at only 3 minutes out of your busy working day perfectly excusable! Create your temp building in less than 3 minutes and find out if it’s the right choice for your business.

Create your own industrial structure with our quick & easy Configurator Tool

Our configurator tool allows you to design your structure to suit your needs. Design your ideal structure and see how it will look in less than 3 minutes! Receive an estimate and copy of your configuration.

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