What are Demountable Warehouses?

For which industry do you need a temporary structure?

What are Demountable Warehouses?
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If you’ve never seen a demountable warehouse you might struggle to visualise it, particularly the demountable bit. Meccano for industry perhaps?

That’s actually not a bad description, but the reality of demountable warehouses is something even simpler than a child’s toy, but much more robust, strong and durable.

Demountable? How?

Demountable obviously suggests a structure that can be easily taken down and this is correct. The simple demountable process is derived from using an aluminium frame instead of a steel frame. Once erected, the aluminium frame has wall and roof panels slotted into place between the frame sections.

As an aluminium frame is much lighter than a steel frame it doesn’t require the same load bearing or support. This means it can be built directly onto existing concrete surfaces using ground anchors and base plates; an easy, fast process that is just as simple in reverse – demounting!

It is a process that is also the same for every install and dismantle as the buildings are a standard but effective modular design.


The words demountable and temporary could create perceptions of inferior, weak and short-term. This is most definitely not the case with demountable warehouses and it all boils down to the frame.

Although lighter, the aluminium frame offers a plenty of strength, functionality and durability to make it fit for purpose – in this case warehousing.

  • Aluminium doesn’t rust.
  • The frame of the warehouse can be engineered and manufactured in different sizes creating bigger and stronger profiles for areas of higher altitude or harsh climates.
  • With a supplier who can manufacturer to order, frames can be made to meet the structural safety requirements for each specific site – i.e. snow and wind loadings.
  • The frame is warranted for 10 years, but demountable warehouses are often in use for 20 +.
  • With the health of our environment heading for ‘critical’ sooner than ever imagined, aluminium is the perfect metal for industrial use as it can be infinitely re-used.


The ability to so quickly install and dismantle if required an on-site warehouse presents some obvious benefits:

A typical build time of 5 days means this is definitely the answer if you need space quickly!

Easy installation, dismantle and removal presents a low-risk solution.

Huge savings with no footings, no design costs and minimal labour – crew and days.

No disruption or operational down-time during build programme.

Fast install equals fast return on investment.

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Just to recap?

  • A demountable warehouse is a modular aluminium framed off-the-shelf product that uses different types of wall and roof cladding that can all be easily slotted/fixed into place between the frame sections.
  • Sizes are modular ranging from 5m to 30m wide, up to 6m wall height and any length.
  • A medium sized standard warehouse would take around 5 days to install.
  • Most warehouses are installed onto existing concrete surfaces using ground anchors and base plates.
  • Although lighter than steel the aluminium frame gains strength and durability in other key areas making it suitable for heavy industrial use.
  • Demountable warehouses create easy, functional and durable on-site warehousing space that is fast, low cost, flexible and low-risk.

More and more companies are now using temporary buildings as a business strategy that can be for one site, or nationwide across many sites. The initial and ongoing cost savings alongside the low risk and high flexibility are becoming essential to many as we continue to operate in uncertain economic and political times.

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