Branded Pagoda Marquee for National Roadshow
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Branded Pagoda Marquee for National Roadshow


The requirement for a branded Pagoda Marquee came from an advertising/entertainment company. They needed it for one of their clients who was embarking on a National Promotional Roadshow.

The Pagoda Marquee needed to be durable, eye-catching, and easy to dismantle, transport and reassemble. As they were going to be touring the country, the Pagoda also needed to be strong enough to sustain a range of weather conditions in various locations and times of the year.

It also needed to exactly match the corporate branding colour and imagery of the company and an existing 3.00m x 3.00m branded marquee that was already being used.


HTS TENTIQ provided a 8.00m x 8.00m London Pagoda in an exact colour match to the corporate branding and existing marquee. For maximum impact the colour and imagery was supplied on the inside and outside of the Pagoda.

The London Pagoda was the ideal choice for this type of project where frequent assembly and dismantle is required, as it uses an integrated foldable leg which allows for very easy installation requiring minimal man-power.

Despite the simple build method, this type of Pagoda is stronger than most other designs, achieving a wind loading of 80km/h; making it ideal for different regions and climates, e.g. coastal or higher altitudes.

The project was complete within 1.5 months, ensuring the Pagoda was available in plenty of time for the National Roadshow.

Meeting all the requirements easily, the Pagoda was accurately branded with the exact company colour and striking imagery, easy and quick to dismantle, move and re-assemble, and ideal for regions affected by unpredictable weather or higher wind speeds.


The high visibility branded Pagoda Marquee had a much greater impact than a few posters creating an exciting focal point of activity and interest at each location they visited.


London Pagoda


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