Emergency Relief Shelters for refugee camp
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Emergency Relief Shelters deployed in just 24 hours for Refugee Camp in Greece


Following the devastating fire at the Moria refugee camp on Lesbos, Greece, HTS TENTIQ was contacted by a German Relief Agency who urgently required a large number of emergency relief tents. The fire on September 8th, 2020 destroyed the camp on Lesbos – Greece’s largest refugee centre – leaving thousands of refugees in a desperate situation.

The tents need to be urgently shipped directly to the refugee camp to provide shelter, aid and accommodation.

The HTS TENTIQ Government Authority helpline was available 24-7 to the agency so they contacted the HTS team knowing their enquiry would be dealt with promptly. Having previously worked with HTS TENTIQ, the relief agency was already familiar with the level of service they would receive and the high-quality product range of emergency tents.

  • An average sized emergency tent takes about 15 minutes to set up by 3 people. This can be accomplished with no prior knowledge or specialist equipment.
  • The largest tent in the range can house up to 20 beds and has a transport weight of approximately 172 kg.
  • Emergency tents come in a range of sizes from 4.75m to 5.90m wide, extendable in length in 2.00m increments. Bespoke options and larger sizes are available.

On this occasion. the relief organisation chose the following shelters:

  • 99 Emergency P Tents
  • 5.65m & 5.90m wide
  • From 5.00m to 8.00m in length
  • 1.70m & 1.90m side height
  • Cotton/polyester roof and wall covers
  • Bay width: 5.20m and 2.00m
  • Ridge height: 2.50m – 2.90m


The relief organisation needed to react quickly to the emergency situation at the refugee camp. With a large number of tents in stock, HTS TENTIQ was able to supply the necessary quantity of Emergency P-Tent relief shelters within just one day of the order being placed. The initial enquiry was made on the Sunday and the first shipment left the factory the following day. This fast response is possible due to the large availability of stock.

The Emergency P-Tents from HTS TENTIQ are designed for field camp situations such as the refugee camp’ they can deployed quickly and easily throughout the world.


HTS TENTIQ’s fast response meant the shipment of emergency relief tents could be dispatched within 24 hours, providing rapid aid and shelter for some of the 13,000 refugees affected by the fire at the Moria camp. Hopefully the emergency tents will go some way to helping with the tragic situation in what has already been a desperate number of years for people seeking refuge and asylum. Fortunately, we always have ample stock available for precisely these circumstances to be able to respond rapidly when disaster strikes.


Emergency P-Tent


5.65m & 5.90m x 1.70 &1.90m
in different lengths

Roof Design

Polyester-cotton-mix covers

Product used in this case study:

Emergency P-Tent

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