Over 300 event tents for major festival
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Over 300 event tents for major festival

HTS TENTIQ provided 340 event tents for the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival in Saudi Arabia, including high-quality luxury interiors entirely to customer specifications.


The King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, an annual event held by King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in Saudi Arabia, is the largest camel festival in the world.

The festival site is a permanent venue which is designed to the highest technical standards. This includes specially designed accommodation for 35,000 festival-goers, covering an area of 30 million square metres of desert. The historic site has been a meeting place for many centuries for the camel caravans who come from all parts of the Arabian Peninsula.

The client approached HTS TENTIQ to supply a large number of tents for the 2019 festival.


HTS TENTIQ has the design and manufacturing capability to offer a stunning range of structures to accommodate the event and the large number of visitors. Working closely with the local partner in Saudi Arabia, the HTS team overcame numerous challenges to deliver all the structures necessary for the festival.

HTS TENTIQ supplied 2 striking Manhattan structures measuring 40.00 x 60.00 metres and 9.00 metres in height. The Manhattan, a cubic shaped premium event tent with a flat roof and glazed wall panels, is specially designed to achieve the maximum impact required by the client. It provides excellent branding and promotional opportunities on the various walling and façade options and is available as a single or double storey unit. Not only that, it also offers premium quality and comfort which was perfectly suited to the festival’s audience.

Moreover, HTS TENTIQ provided a full customised design service for the client. The in-house technical design and engineering team used their years of experience to create a bespoke central ‘cathedral tent’ or dome structure, measuring 50.00m in diameter and 16.00m high. The special projects division can create just about any design in different shapes and sizes. The wind loads were engineered to the extreme site-specific requirements of the desert location.


To reduce costs and timings, customised structures are designed to maximise the use of standard stock components. This enables manufacturing to proceed more quickly.

The client also required a large number of 5.00 x 5.00m pagoda structures. These offer a highly flexible layout and design as they can be interconnected to create multiple configurations. They are quick to assemble and can also be customised.

HTS TENTIQ provided a total of 340 temporary structures for the festival, constructing an amazing tent city in the desert. All structures were furnished to a high specification to give the level of luxury demanded by the client.


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