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Rapid Deployment Tent Passes Rigorous Customer Assessment


A military customer of HTS TENTIQ, based in Africa, required a rapid deployment tent to be used quickly and easily in the field. Crucial to their requirements were ease of assembly and fast set-up times.

This aspect of the project was so critical that an independent team of 11 soldiers spent a day’s training session assessing the set-up process and providing a report at the end of the day to their General.


HTS TENTIQ was able to easily facilitate this requirement by customising their standard multipurpose military tent.

The HTS TENTIQ Management Team and the regional Technical Agent in Africa worked closely with the customer to form a trusted partnership and introduce them to the suitable product range for this project, which was the HTS TENTIQ Emergency P-Shelter range.

The Emergency P-Shelter passed the assessment tests with ease and the report provided by the Inspection team was extremely positive for all the essential criteria, especially the ease of assembly and fast set-up time.
The final design chosen for the project was the P-11, supplied to the following specification:

  • 5.90m wide by 4.00m long, covering an area of 23.60m²
  • A side height of 1.90m and a peak height of 2.90m
  • PVC roofing
  • A camouflage sun shade and internal insulation covers were included to cope with the high temperatures

The Emergency P-Shelters from HTS TENTIQ boast several key features:

  • They are designed specifically for fast, cost-effective deployment and quick, easy set-up.
  • The simple design of the tent means set-up requires no special tools or equipment.
  • The tents are available in a wide range of standard sizes covering areas from 23.75m² up to 70.80m².
  • Customised and larger sizes are available as part of the standard offering as well.
  • Easy customisation with our in-house high-tech design and production centre also means tents can be adapted for extreme global climates, terrains and environments.
  • An average sized tent would take 3 people around 15 minutes to set-up.
  • The largest standard sized tent would be a packaged weight of 165.00kg for transport.


The customer now has a rapid deployment tent system that meets all their primary criteria for this project and future projects. The HTS TENTIQ central team and Africa Technical Sales Representative will retain a close partnership and visit regularly to ensure all their requirements remain fulfilled.


Emergency P-Shelter (P11)


5.90m 1.90m 4.00m

Roof Design


Product used in this case study:

Emergency P-Shelter P11

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