Temporary sports structure
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Temporary sports structure supplied for swimming pool refurbishment program

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The client, a public swimming pool organisation based in Berlin was looking to refurbish their existing indoor swimming pool. Unfortunately, due to bottlenecks in the supply chain they were unable to rebuild the existing pool quickly so wanted a temporary sports structure whilst the swimming pool refurbishment took place. They had been looking for an interim solution for some time as they wanted to renovate all swimming pools in the area. Once the refurbishment program is completed, they plan to dismantle the temporary structure.

Due to the presence of chlorinated pool water, the client specified the need for solution to avoid any corrosion of the frame and its component parts.

In response to the organisation’s regular tendering process, HTS TENTIQ submitted a proposal to supply a temporary sports structure.


HTS TENTIQ custom-designed and supplied a temporary sports structure, part of the Customised and Bespoke Buildings range of industrial and commercial structures. The 17.00m (width) x 33.00m (length) x 4.20m insulated temporary building featured a sandwich panel roof and walling system. As is the norm with industrial temporary structures, it was designed according to site-specific structural calculations, in this case allowing for a 68 kg/ m² snow load and 100 km/h wind speed.

To avoid internal steel part and frame corrosion, profiles were powder coated and all screws made out of stainless steel. Aside from providing an attractive finish to the pool, this also enhanced its aesthetic appeal. The HTS TENTIQ team also installed changing rooms and shower facilities.


The swimming pool organisation was delighted with the fast solution provided by HTS TENTIQ after waiting so long to find a solution to their needs.

The temporary sports structure is now open to schools, clubs and the public. Fortunately, the swimming pool organisation is continuing to provide a vital service to local residents and groups, and the temporary pool is generating an ongoing revenue stream for them.

The client is so pleased with the end result that it plans to use the indoor swimming pool for longer than initially planned. In fact, they are now planning to build additional buildings in the next couple of years to replace older structures.


Customised and Bespoke Buildings


17.00m x 33.00m x 4.20m

Roof Design


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Customised and Bespoke Buildings

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