Industrial Canopies
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Industrial Canopies

Industrial canopies are a fast solution for your covered space needs. They are an ideal solution for loading and unloading operations, storage of non-perishable goods, products or machines and can also be used as tunnels or as general weather protection for the open area between existing buildings.

Designed and manufactured in Germany according to ISO 9001 quality standards.

Factory direct new buildings with comprehensive product warranties.

Extensive range
of accessories.

Flexible options – available for both purchase and rental.

Our Industrial Canopies

Our industrial canopies provide protection from the sun, snow, rain and hail. They facilitate the perfect cover for loading bay areas, general outdoor storage, or weather protection for recycling facilities. Our extensive range of canopy structures are available in variable span widths, eave heights and lengths to meet to your individual needs.

Applications for Industrial Canopies

Industrial canopies are used for multiple applications across many industry sectors. Find out for yourself:

  • Covers for storage of non-perishable products, goods, machines and vehicles
  • Loading areas
  • Storage space
  • Covers and tunnels between buildings
  • Loading bays
  • Canopies for materials and vehicles
  • Border crossing points
  • Checkpoints
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Features and Advantages of our Industrial Canopies

Our canopies feature many advantages. They are affordable and can be installed on a temporary or permanent basis, they are perfect for fast weather protection for loading and unloading operations. An industrial canopy structure can be installed as a stand-alone structure or can, subject to site specific requirements, be connected to existing buildings.

Fast delivery and installation

Thanks to the innovative modular design characteristics, and depending on the industrial canopy’s size, our loading bay canopy structures can be installed in less than a week on to most pre-existing hard ground surfaces.

Temporary or permanent

Loading bay canopy structures are the ideal solution when fast affordable space on site is required.

Recycling and sustainability

Long durability, disassembly and, if required, reassembly at alternate sites with over 80% of materials used being fully recyclable.

Available dimensions

Our standard temporary canopy structures are available from 10.00 to 30.00m in span width, unlimited in length, and with variable eave heights from 4.20m to 6.20m. Thanks to their modular design, our industrial canopies can be easily customised to your exact size requirements.

Cost and time savings

Thanks to our extensive range, industrial canopy buildings are both cost effective and time efficient when compared to conventional building methods without compromise.

Create your own industrial structure with our quick & easy Configurator

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Industrial Canopy accessory products

We offer a range of accessory products for our canopy structures.

Choose between different lighting systems, gutter systems, impact barrier protection.

Purchasing or renting an Industrial Canopy – Our options to meet your needs

Whether you are looking to purchase or rent an industrial canopy, various factors come into play and need to be considered. Usually, the financial aspect and the time frame play the biggest role when deciding if buying or renting a temporary canopy makes more sense. Another key factor is the application of your industrial canopy. Our experts will be pleased help you find the optimum solution.

The advantages of purchasing temporary building structures:

  • Cost-effective way of expanding onsite space
  • Great long-term solution
  • Good resale value

The advantages of hiring temporary building structures:

  • Fast and easy way to expand a growing business
  • Perfect short-term or long-term solutions (starting from 12 months rental period possible)
  • Lower initial capital outlay required

Case studies of Industrial Canopies

No matter if you are looking for a temporary canopy or a warehouse, we have the correct building to meet all your needs. Browse our case studies for your inspiration!



If you are looking for an industrial temporary building that meets your individual needs, you will find the right product at HTS TENTIQ. Our modular industrial structures are manufactured from European sourced, robust extruded aluminium with corrosive resistant galvanised steel connections enabling both temporary and permanent use. Depending on size, on site installation generally only takes a matter of days and saves on cost and time when compared to conventional building methods.


HTS TENTIQ offers industrial canopies, temporary buildings, temporary workshops for any application.


Continuous improvements in development and testing of our temporary structure systems ensure that they are suitable for the most adverse conditions, surroundings or situations and consistently provide maximum functionality and durability.


The choice between purchasing and hiring gives you flexibility and minimises your financial risk. Industrial temporary buildings are easily set up and dismantled, providing you with extensive scope in your business decisions.

Customer Service

Full technical support and project management during the installation of your building.


State of the art production facilities with a production output of up to 60,000 m2 of finished structures per week, enabling fast and affordable worldwide distribution.


A wide range of available accessories: different types of doors, windows, canopies, heating and air conditioning systems, electrical equipment, lighting and rain gutter systems.

Our Expertise

Our guide provides you with extensive information based on our many years of experience and expertise and answers to both general and specific questions regarding industrial canopies. We provide valuable tips for your company and advise you on what really matters when it comes to temporary industrial canopy buildings.


Please find the most important downloads regarding our industrial tents and commercial tents below.


An industrial canopy is the ideal solution to create fast and affordable storage space or loading areas for non-perishable goods. The temporary canopy protects the goods from sun, rain, snow and hail.

Industrial canopies can be used to store non-perishable goods, for the commissioning of goods, as a cover for sport facilities or vehicles, as a covered loading zone or a storage or parking space. Industrial canopies can also provide cover for the area between existing buildings.

A key factor when planning an industrial canopy is its application. Temporary canopies are suited for any type of goods, vehicles and machines that are unaffected by weather conditions. Also important is the length of time that you expect to use the industrial canopy. HTS TENTIQ industrial canopies are very resilient and durable and are suitable for both temporary and permanent use.

High quality canopies are characterised by first-class materials. HTS TENTIQ manufactures all frames from European-sourced extruded aluminium profiles. All connecting components of the frame are manufactured from of hot dip galvanised structural grade steel. Available roofing materials include industrial grade PVC or corrugated steel sheet panels in a variety of colour options.

The temporary canopy can be easily installed to many different grounds by means of a number of approved, fully engineered anchoring types. The type of anchoring method will be determined once a site survey is conducted by our technical sales personnel.

Usually, an industrial canopy does not require a new concrete foundation. In 99% of cases, the industrial canopy can be installed on existing ground using a range of structurally approved anchoring methods. If it is not possible to use the existing ground conditions, a concrete pad or perimeter foundation would be needed.

HTS TENTIQ industrial canopies can be available in a matter of weeks and can be installed, depending on size in a matter of days. Our production facilities have a production output of up to 60,000 m2 of finished buildings per week.

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