Temporary Buildings
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Temporary Buildings

Our functional and durable temporary buildings offer fast and flexible solutions to extend your storage space on site. Our semi-permanent buildings cover many application possibilities and are fully adaptable to meet your operational needs.

HTS TENTIQ temporary buildings are used for multiple uses, for example; general storage areas, production space, maintenance depots, workshops or educational facilities just like conventionally constructed buildings. However, unlike conventional permanent buildings, our range of temporary buildings offer multiple advantages, for example; short delivery and installation timescales combined with significant cost savings when compared to conventional buildings of equivalent sizes.

Designed and manufactured in Germany according to ISO 9001 standards

Factory direct temporary buildings supplied with comprehensive manufactures warranties

Standard and customised solutions with an extensive range of functional accessories

Choose between purchase or rental options depending on duration of intended use

Our Temporary Buildings

Choosing the right temporary building means optimal protection for your goods or activities. Our non-insulated industrial temporary buildings are the ideal solution for clients looking for basic covered weather protection for their operational activities.

In case there is an additional need for greater product protection and insulation, our insulated temporary buildings provide the perfect space solution. Our different types of semi-permanent buildings are available in various sizes with a wide range of accessories. Alternatively, if our standard modular temporary building sizes do not meet your needs, our buildings can be easily modified to cover your exact dimensional site requirements thus efficiently maximising your available on-site space.

Applications for Temporary Buildings

Our temporary buildings provide you with economical space solutions to be used for both short term and longer-term use, in fact, our buildings are often used for multiple decades by our client’s. Whether as temporary warehouses or production buildings – our wide range of semi-permanent buildings offer the ideal solution for any business and sector.

For which industry do you need a temporary structure?

Features and Advantages of our Temporary Buildings

When in need of fast and affordable space, a temporary structure is the perfect economical solution for your space needs. Depending on size and specification, an average sized temporary building can usually be set up within 5–10 days. They provide you with a simple and effective solution to fulfill your capacity requirements.

Modular and mobile

A key attribute of our temporary buildings is the innovative modular design characteristics which facilitate installation, disassembly at the end of use and if required, reconstruction at an alternate location.


Temporary buildings can be installed on most ground surfaces including concrete, asphalt, block paving and hardcore. HTS TENTIQ have the means to deploy various anchoring methods depending on site specific requirements therefore reducing the need for costly permanent foundations.

Cost and time savings

Fast availability and assembly within a few days. Considerably more affordable than traditional brick-and-mortar or steel frames buildings. Possibility to purchase or hire.

Solid engineering

All HTS TENTIQ temporary buildings are fully designed and engineered to meet country specific design specifications for wind and snow loads. Speak to your local technical sales.

High quality

Produced in Germany with high-quality European raw materials.

Create your own Temporary Building with our quick & easy Configurator

You are looking for the ideal solution for your new temporary building? Design your new industrial building now or contact one of our experts and receive a customised configuration of your exact product.

Equipment and Accessories for Temporary Buildings

Our wide range of equipment possibilities for temporary buildings provide various solutions, perfectly adaptable to your requirements and specific application. You can choose between single-layer PVC roof covers, thermo anti-condensation inflatable PVC covers, or solid foam core sandwich panel roof or corrugated steel sheet panels for uninsulated applications. Wall light panels can be installed anywhere, acting as an affordable alternative to traditional glazed walls.

Additionally, you can choose between a wide range of lighting systems and equipe your temporary building with crash barriers and rain and rain water drainage.

Buying or Renting a Temporary Building – Our options to meet your needs

Whether you are looking to buy or rent a temporary structure, various factors come into play and need to be considered. Usually, the financial aspect and the time frame play the biggest role when deciding if buying or renting a semi-permanent building. Another key factor is the application of your temporary building. Our experts are at your service to help you find the right solution.

The advantages of purchasing temporary building structures:

  • Cost-effective way of expanding existing onsite space
  • A great solution for both the short and long-term
  • Fully demountable at the end of use
  • Resell and realise great returns or relocate to an alternate location

The advantages of hiring temporary building structures:

  • Fast and easy way to expand a growing business
  • Perfect short-term solution (starting from 12 months rental period)
  • Less initial capital required, with a low commitment, unlike renting a permanent building
  • Use underutilised site space and avoid relocating to off-site premises

Case Studies of Temporary Buildings

No matter if you are looking for a temporary building or have individual requirements – we have the right building to meet all your needs. Browse our case studies for your inspiration!



If you are looking for a flexible industrial temporary building that meets your individual needs, you will find the right product at HTS TENTIQ. Our industrial temporary buildings are fully modular, manufactured from robust aluminium frames and can be used both temporarily and permanently. On site setup generally only takes a matter of days and saves you a great amount of cost and time compared to conventional buildings.


HTS TENTIQ supplies industrial canopies, temporary buildings, temporary showrooms and any application.


Continuous improvements in development and testing of our HTS temporary building systems ensure that they are suitable for the most adverse weather conditions, surroundings or situations and consistently provide maximum functionality and durability.


The choice between purchasing and hiring gives you flexibility and minimises your financial risk. Industrial temporary buildings are easily set up and dismantled, providing you with extensive scope in your business decisions.

Customer Service

Full technical support and project management during the procurement and assembly phase of your individual project.


Our state-of-the-art production facilities can produce a production output of up to 60,000m2 of finished temporary buildings per week, enabling a fast and affordable distribution.


We offer a wide range of available accessories: roller shutter, sectional and high speed door units, personnel doors, windows, mechanical and electrical fit service,flooring systems and more.

Our Expertise

Our guide gives you a lot of information based on our many years of experience and expertise. It answers both general and specific questions regarding temporary buildings and semi-permanent industrial buildings. We provide valuable tips for your company and tell you what really matters when it comes to temporary buildings.


Please find the most important downloads regarding our temporary buildings below.


A temporary building is characterised by its modular lightweight construction made of aluminium. It is also often referred to as a temporary warehouse building, temporary industrial building or industrial storage tent.

A temporary building is the perfect choice if you are looking to extend your business space in a fast and cost-efficient way. Temporary buildings are adaptable to your individual needs, rapidly available and can be used for either, months or decades.

You have the option to hire HTS TENTIQ temporary buildings for a minimum duration of 12 months. This is the ideal solution if you are in need of space short-term and temporarily. For a business looking for long-term space solutions at a designated location, purchasing is often the better option.

Planning permissions differ between geographical regions. For example, in England planning permission is required for buildings installed for a duration exceeding 28 days. As regulations vary, we recommend getting in touch with your local planning authority.

Generally, building regulations also apply to temporary structures. Our experts are happy to provide you with more information on the topic.

A temporary building can last for years, even decades. Due to its modular construction, any part of a temporary building that may become outdated can be easily replaced.

Yes, a temporary building can be both extended and relocated. It perfectly adapts to your business’s changing needs, be it a new location or more space.

Temporary buildings are highly flexible because of their modular system design. A wide range of size options and additional equipment possibilities turn them into the perfect space solution for many sectors. Our temporary buildings are also rapidly available for delivery, which means they are ideal to cover space needs at short notice.

Due to their aluminium frame, they are very lightweight and can be set up quickly. They can also be dismantled easily without loss of quality, which means your temporary building can be reassembled at any other location.

Not including the foundation (if required), the assembly of a temporary building, depending on size and specification, may take 3-10 days for an average sized building. Thanks to its flexible modular system design, the individual parts are all prefabricated off-site for a speedy installation on site.

The frame of our temporary buildings is made of high-quality, European sourced extruded aluminium. The connecting components are made of hot-dip galvanised steel. All frame parts are assembled at our state-of-the-art factory located in Germany. Available side wall materials include corrugated and insulated steel sheet panels. You can choose between single-layer PVC, anti-condensation thermo PVC or solid corrugated or insulated sandwich panels in different thicknesses for your choice of roof.

Our functional and durable temporary buildings provide you with fast and flexible solutions if you are in need of more storage space on site. Our three different types of semi-permanent buildings – non-insulated temporary buildings, insulated buildings and bespoke temporary buildings – cover a wide range of application possibilities and can be adjusted to your individual requirements.

Temporary buildings can be used in many different applications and are therefore the perfect solution for almost any business. A temporary structure can be an extension of a canopy for a storage area, used for logistical purposes or as a workshop, canteen, vehicle depot, training room or sports facility.

If you are looking for more in-depth information or have more questions regarding our temporary structures, we encourage you to get in touch with us anytime. Our experts are happy to tell you more about our available options when it comes to temporary buildings.

An aluminium structure, also referred to as temporary building, is a special type of building structure which mainly consists of aluminium components. It is often implemented as a temporary or permanent solution for different industrial, commercial uses.

Aluminium structures have many advantages, which is why they are an attractive option for different applications. As they consist mainly of aluminium, they benefit from the material’s characteristics. They are lightweight but at the same time very stable and robust. Aluminium buildings are resistant to corrosion and eco-friendly. They can be customised and are rapidly assembled. Due to the possibility of easily dismantling and rebuilding them at a new location, they come with maximum flexibility. Aluminium structures are an efficient and adaptable solution for companies looking for sustainable building options.

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