Carbon-Hybrid Troop Shelter
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Carbon-Hybrid Troop Shelter

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Ideal for military and humanitarian use, the most advanced materials and innovative design have come together to create the HTS tentiQ Government Authority CARBON-HYBRID Troop Shelter.  Bringing a new optimum meaning to Rapid Deployment Tents, there is nothing like it on the market today.

The Tents are considerably stronger than a comparable conventional structure and will withstand far higher snow and wind loads – to create even more strength, the laterals walls are tilted inside.

They are also much lighter and smaller when packaged – up to 35% reduced weight and up to 50% reduced volume.

Strong, reliable, highly adaptable and fast to install, these shelters can be used as accommodation tents, command centres, canteens, meeting areas or even triage points.

These revolutionary Rapid Deployment Tents can operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C and have been proven in the Russian Winter.

Standard sizes range from 4.00m to 10.00m width, up to 2.50m wall height and unlimited length. We also manufacture larger sizes (up to 70.00m width) and customised design as a standard part of our product offering.

The CARBON-HYBRID Troop Shelter can be packaged and transported as one package with a max dimension of 3.10m.


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4.00m - 10.00m
Minimum Length
Bay Distance / Extension bay
Side Height
2.30m - 2.50m

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