Humanitarian Operations

A comprehensive range of humanitarian shelters specifically developed for global rapid deployment. They can withstand event the harshest conditions.


HTS TENTIQ provides a full range of high-tech, affordable humanitarian shelters from the smallest emergency accommodation tents through to large fire stations or fully operational refugee camps. All our humanitarian shelters and tents are engineered for rapid deployment and to achieve maximum performance in extreme environments and weather conditions.


Our wide range of rapid deployment tent systems provide protection for almost all humanitarian operations globally. From accommodation and team tents that can be set up quickly, rapid deployment and inflatable tents to large fire stations and state-of-the-art innovations with our lightweight carbon tents.


Continuous improvements in the development and testing of our shelters and HTS systems ensure that they are suitable for the most adverse environments, terrains or situations and consistently provide maximum functionality and durability.


We have a comprehensive range of products to suit your budget. For complete refugee camps and project solutions we endeavour to provide you with a fixed total price.


We have a dedicated department of experts for all humanitarian requirements who oversee support, sales and worldwide deployment. For our HTS projects, we provide our highly skilled installation teams to handle on-site project management for you, if required.


Our own highly skilled technical department and project management teams are available for advice and rapid global deployment to manage and support your project.


We offer a comprehensive range of accessories to ensure maximum comfort and performance in harsh environments and climates. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

AccommodationStrong, reliable tents for accommodation and work areas for all humanitarian operations.View range
Catering & SanitaryFor larger areas, dining rooms and recreational areas for humanitarian operations.View range
Logistics and MaintenanceSuitable for vehicle maintenance and aircraft hangars for humanitarian operations.View range

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