Insulated Temporary Buildings

Lightly insulated and condensation inhibiting. For sensitive goods and work. Tempered halls that minimise condensation.

More about the product line

The thermo-insulated temporary warehouse buildings from HTS tentiQ Industrial  are available for hire or purchase and the ideal choice for sensitive storage, portable warehouse requirements or workshop buildings and public facilities.

The unique lightweight but strong aluminium frame means a typical build time of less than a week for most warehouses, as well as compliancy with building codes and a warranted lifespan of 10 years (with many examples of buildings in-situ and operational for 20+ years).

The distinctive feature of our LT-SERIES warehouse buildings is the Thermo roof; a double-layered inflatable roof system engineered from industrial grade PVC fabric. Once inflated it minimises condensation, helps temperature control and reduces any structural noise, making the LT-SERIES ideal for goods or equipment that require protection from condensation and low temperatures.

Off-the-shelf temporary warehouses range from 5.00 – 30.00m width, up to 6.20m wall height and unlimited length. Customised sizes (including 7.20m eave height) and designs are available as well as colour options.

Why us

We are a globally recognised and trusted brand that convinces customers all over the world with a diverse selection, outstanding quality, global presence and innovative ideas.


A huge and diverse range of temporary building systems manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facility in Germany. The facility has a weekly production line of up to 60,000m² of finished buildings, which guarantees the shortest delivery times regardless of the size of the order.

Global presence

Our technical sales staff are strategically located around the world to provide local expertise and support. Fast delivery and installation are possible virtually anywhere.

Continuous improvements through new technologies, materials and processes guarantee optimal design and the widest possible choice. Designs range from small, simple pagodas to impressive, unique and fully customised semi-permanent buildings. An in-house technical team of CAD/CAM designers and structural engineers is available for individual projects.

Quality from Germany

All products are designed and manufactured by HTS TENTIQ in Germany. Individual parts are created with CNC machines and completed by skilled hands. All buildings are manufactured and certified according to European and international standards.

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