Non-insulated buildings

Non-insulated temporary storage buildings are the budget solution for storage of non-sensitive goods and workshop areas.

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As an entry-level product, our non-insulated storage tents are an ideal solution for non-sensitive storage and production environments when temperature regulation is not required.

The roof consists of a single layer industrial grade PVC fabric; walls are available in a choice of corrugated steel sheets or industrial grade PVC fabric. The roof allows a high degree of natural light, meaning lighting costs can be significantly reduced.

Standard buildings are available in a number of clear-span widths from 5.00 to 30.00m and side heights of 4.20m to 6.20m. Available in unlimited lengths on a bay distance of 5.00m. A wind load of 0.5 kN / m² (= 102km/h) and a snow load of 1.5 kN / m² (=150 kg) are taken into account. Bespoke sizes, configurations, colours as well as higher wind and snow loads are available on request.

Non-insulated temporary storage buildings take around 3-4 days to install, so can be available to use quickly. Our non-insulated buildings can easily be dismantled and relocated. They can be used on a hire contract as a temporary solution or purchased for long-term use.


We are a globally recognised and trusted brand, providing customers around the world with a diverse product range. outstanding quality and innovative ideas.


A huge and diverse range of temporary building systems manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facility in Germany. The facility has a weekly production line of up to 60,000m² of finished buildings, which guarantees the shortest delivery times regardless of the size of the order.

Global Reach

Our technical sales staff are strategically located around the world to provide local expertise and support. Fast delivery and installation are possible virtually anywhere.


Continuous improvements through new technologies, materials and processes guarantee optimal design and the widest possible choice. Designs range from small, simple pagodas to impressive, unique and fully customised semi-permanent buildings. An in-house technical team of CAD/CAM designers and structural engineers is available for individual projects.

German Quality

All products are designed and manufactured by HTS TENTIQ in Germany. Individual parts are created with CNC machines and completed by skilled hands. All buildings are manufactured and certified according to European and international standards.

Create your own structure with our quick & easy Configurator Tool.

Our configurator tool allows you to design your structure to suit your needs. Design your ideal structure and see how it will look in less than 3 minutes! Receive an estimate and copy of your configuration.

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