Sports structures and canopies

Sport structures

The sports structures range from HTS TENTIQ includes a selection of temporary and permanent modular sports buildings, providing maximum flexibility for a wide range of sports such as badminton, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis or padel tennis.

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Choosing a sports structure from HTS TENTIQ offers significant cost savings over a more traditional build along with short manufacturing and build times, plus the flexibility to adapt, relocate or sell the building at some point.

Standard Sports Structures are available in unlimited lengths and up to 4.00m eave height with widths ranging from 10.00m to 40.00m. Fully customised sizes and specifications are part of this range and are engineered to meet project and site-specific requirements.

Why us

We are a globally recognised and trusted brand, providing customers around the world with a diverse product range, outstanding quality and innovative ideas. We combine the personal touch of a family-run business with pioneering, innovative designs and advanced production processes.


A huge and diverse range of temporary building systems manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facility in Germany. The facility has a weekly production line of up to 60,000m² of finished buildings, which guarantees the shortest delivery times regardless of the size of the order.


Continuous improvements through new technologies, materials and processes guarantee optimal design and the widest possible choice. Designs range from small, simple pagodas to impressive, unique and fully customised semi-permanent buildings. An in-house technical team of CAD/CAM designers and structural engineers is available for individual projects.


We have something to suit all budget requirements within our diverse range of products and designs.

Customer Service

Comprehensive technical support for the duration of the project and after installation, with full installation and project management where required.


Off-the-shelf designs and quick assembly methods typically result in a 6 week lead time, rather than the 6 months required for a more conventional building.


A comprehensive range of accessories providing optimum comfort in different environments. These include a choice of non-insulated wall cladding, pedestrian and vehicle access doors, dividing screens, lighting, heating, HVAC.

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