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HTS TENTIQ is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of temporary tent structures. HTS TENTIQ offers modular lightweight structures for purchase or hire, facilitated by our branches across Europe.

Our industrial tents and temporary buildings can be used for a variety of applications: storage, distribution, sales, sports halls, retail, containment for decontamination work, car showrooms, production halls and much more.

Thanks to our innovative, robust structures, temporary buildings can be used for both temporary and permanent installations. It comes down to the customer’s needs. Our structures are versatile and easy to set up and dismantle. We are often asked to relocate our temporary buildings to another site for our customers. There are different hire periods. In some cases, a building has been used for a certain purpose for 20 years with minimal maintenance. The buildings can be as temporary or permanent as you like.

It’s simple really. Our temporary buildings are much more cost effective than conventional buildings. They can be set up in a matter of days, extend your floor space and, in the majority of cases, do not need any ground preparations. They can also be extended or reduced in size as you wish or relocated at short notice – something that is not possible with traditional steel buildings. When you opt for HTS TENTIQ, you are also opting for a safe investment with a high resale value. Please ask us about our ‘buyback guarantee’.

Our clients’ needs vary a lot. As a rule of thumb, it is advisable to hire the structure if you are going to use it for 6 to 18 months. For longer projects, purchasing is more commercially attractive. Let us advise you and we will find the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

All HTS TENTIQ temporary buildings are made in Europe from high-quality extruded aluminium and are corrosion-free for life. The connecting pieces and inserts are made from hot-galvanised steel. Our roofs consist of durable PVC covers or trapezoidal sheet steel. For the walls, we use insulated or uninsulated materials, all tested to withstand extreme conditions. The PVC covers and walls are available in a wide range of RAL colours. All our materials satisfy regional building code requirements.

This is a revolutionary design, which combines carbon and aluminium to create lighter yet significantly more robust frames. These structures facilitate extremely easy, quick and convenient handling and assembly. They offer ease of transport yet unparalleled strength and durability. They are the ideal solution for military and humanitarian applications in situations which call for rapid deployment under adverse conditions, for example.

Yes, we manufacture our own PVC covers and offer replacement covers for our product ranges to all our customers.

High-quality PVC-coated polyester fabric in high-gloss white, which are UV-resistant and flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1, M2; BS 5438/7837; USA NFPA701.

Standard structures are available in span widths of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 m with side heights of 4.20, 5.20, 6.20 and 7.20 m . We can also custom-manufacture structures for the majority of applications, such as different span widths for a specific site or taller side heights. If you have special requirements, we would be happy to advise you in detail.

Yes, our state-of-the-art production facilities in Kefenrod, Germany allows us to manufacture custom products. There are virtually no limits when it comes to custom solutions at HTS TENTIQ.

Our temporary buildings can be installed on surfaces such as concrete or asphalt with ease. We can supply a suitable foundation for almost all ground conditions. We would be pleased to inspect and analyse the surface of your site.

Our structures are designed to meet international requirements for wind and snow loads. In the majority of cases, we meet regional requirements without any further work. However, if higher wind or snow loads are required for specific regions, this is taken into account during production and the structure is adapted to comply.

HTS TENTIQ advises customers to obtain planning permission from the relevant authority before installation. Our structures are compatible with the majority of standards. Our experienced team will assist you with all the relevant drawings and documentation.

Thanks to the modular design of our structures, they can be extended or made smaller with ease.

We can create individual solutions for a wide range of applications. Our designers and CAD technicians can develop structures to meet your exact needs, while not straying too far from the standard design to keep costs to a minimum.

There are a range of options for insulating our structures to improve their energy efficiency. If you require particular thermal or acoustic properties, we will find the right solution for you. We use the most suitable, approved products, such as UK PART L & PART E.

All our structures have been developed according to DIN EN 13782 and, depending on the type and design, can withstand wind speeds between 80 km/h and 102 km/h. Our structures are adapted to suit regional and location-specific weather conditions as standard to ensure that the stipulated snow and wind loads are represented.

Yes, all our structures are designed to accommodate a range of such components. In the case of hired structures and end clients, we offer a complete service and supply all the equipment at the time of purchase or subsequently as replacement items. We offer roller shutters, sliding doors, high-speed doors, personnel doors, canopies, double-glazed windows, lighting, gutter systems and much more. Take a look at our list of accessories.

Yes, our technical sales teams, located in strategic locations worldwide, will assist you with their expertise and services on site.

Due to the current supply chain situation, delivery times can vary considerably. Please contact us directly for the most up to date information.

This depends on the size and purpose of the project. The length, number of roller shutters or the type of wall all play a role here. Smaller structures can be erected in just a few days, while larger structures take 10-14 days. We offer a global assembly service. If you wish to use your own assembly service, we offer advice and support.

No, our structures are almost practically maintenance-free. The frame is made of aluminium. Apart from an annual check of the frame, no maintenance is required. Our qualified and experienced employees can take care of this for you. Alternatively you can appoint a representative in your company to carry out the checks with the aid of a 15-point list.

Yes, thanks to the clever design shared by all our temporary buildings, they can be quickly dismantled and erected again with almost no disruption to your day-to-day business.

Unlike conventional buildings, HTS TENTIQ temporary buildings have a high resale value. You can regard them as an investment, which always attract a high price on the second-hand market. We are happy to assist with your re-sale.

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