HTS High Tech Industrial Building Configurator

Design your high tech industrial temporary building to suit your requirements.

Technical Data for our high tech temporary building

  • Snow load:
    • 100 kg snow load with a PVC or thermo roof cover
    • 85 kg snow load with a steel or sandwich panel roof cover
    • Higher snow loading capability available upon request
  • Optional static calculations for permanent structures (DIN EN 1991) are possible
  • Available roof options
    • single layer PVC covers
    • double-layer Thermo roof covers
    • steel sheets (with or without anti condensation coating)
    • insulated sandwich panels available in different thicknesses
  • Available wall options
    • single layer PVC
    • steel sheets (vertical)
    • insulated sandwich panels available in different thicknesses (vertical)

Building Configurator User Guide

Use our step-by-step instructions to help you configure your own temporary building in just a few minutes.

  • Specify the length, width and eave height of the temporary building.
  • Then select the roof type.
  • Depending on your choice, you will then have the option to select equipment such as internal linings.
  • Next select your walling type.

In addition to the standard colors available here, we also have a range of special colors that are available for a surcharge.

In the next step, click directly on the 3D image to select where you would like to position your windows and doors. The range of door and window options will depend on the roof and wall options that you selected in step I.

Now specify the coating you require for the aluminum and ground conditions at the site. Finally, specify any other features such as rain gutters and interior lighting and add any special requests you may have.

Once complete, you can view the final configuration. Click on the “save” button to retain a copy for future reference. To receive a free no-obligation quotation, click on the “submit inquiry” button and add your contact details. One of our team of experts will contact you shortly with your detailed quotation.

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An overview of our product range

In addition to our industrial temporary structures, we also manufacture a wide range of commercial marquees for sale; from stunning semi-permanent event tents to rapid deployment shelters for the defense and humanitarian sectors.

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