Carbon Aircraft Hangars
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Carbon Aircraft Hangars

Advanced, patented design featuring a lighter but stronger carbon frame.

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HTS TENTIQ “CIZ” Carbon-Hybrid repair tents are made with the latest technology, state-of-the-art materials and innovative installation methods. This makes it the strong, yet lightest construction of its kind, making it ideal for military use.


Furthermore, they are considerably more stable than comparable conventional products and can withstand higher wind and snow loads. They are also a much lighter and smaller packaged volume, achieving up to 35% less weight and up to 50% less volume than standard systems. The versatile Carbon-Hybrid repair tents are suitable for smaller land vehicles as well as for large battle tanks and military aircraft.


These structures can be used in extreme temperatures from -40 °C to +80 °C and have already proven themselves in the harshest weather conditions and environments. Standard sizes range from 10.00m to 30.00m width, wall heights from 3.00m and unlimited length. Custom sizes are available on request.


These tent systems can be packaged and transported in a 20 foot container.


HTS TENTIQ disclaims any and all liability for any errors, inaccuracies or incompleteness contained in any datasheet on this website. All products, product specifications and data are subject to change without notice to improve reliability, function or design or otherwise.

Main Components

The CARBON-HYBRID profile is the most important innovation that has been introduced onto the market for tent systems in recent years. This product allows us to achieve high performance in terms of:


  • lightweight frame components
  • reduced packaging volume


The diagram below compares 2 tent profiles with the same load capacity. This shows the difference in size and weight between the traditional profile (A) and the new CARBON-HYBRID profile (B).




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