Carbon Maintenance Tent for Vehicles
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Carbon-Hybrid Quick Maintenance Tent for Vehicles

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HTS TENTIQ was asked to design a vehicle maintenance tent for all-weather-use by a military customer. The maintenance tent needed to be large enough to accommodate a range of large or small military vehicles and equipment with a clearance height of over 4m.

The client also specified that the tent needed to be lightweight so that it could be installed without any mechanical equipment or cranes. There was an additional requirement to connect other tents or containers to the main structure, and that the main tent could be extended.


The HTS TENTIQ development team designed an innovative vehicle maintenance tent with a number of new features. The carbon-fiber profile meant it was light enough to be manually installed whilst conforming to the specified 50kg/m² snow and 90km/h wind load requirements. The 5m high tent would have been too heavy to lift manually had it been manufactured using standard aluminum tent profiles.

The main vehicle entrance door needed to allow sufficient clearance for military vehicles up to 4m in height; the HTS TENTIQ team therefore designed a manual pulley system to fully open the PVC doors as far as the A-frame roof.

For additional versatility, the tent frame features side-wall-panels that are mounted on the tent separately from the roof, allowing them to be removed and interchanged with panels of varying designs such as an interconnecting side tent panel, a heating system panel or standard plain panels. All panel types are completely interchangeable in each bay.


The carbon quick maintenance tent is one of the most innovative products in the HTS TENTIQ military range. The structure is multi-purpose but is particularly suitable for use as a maintenance or workshop tent.

The 5-metre-high carbon-fiber tent can be installed anywhere in the world under the harshest climatic conditions and can be set up in cold weather using gloves. The tent can be erected in under 30 minutes using 8 soldiers without the need for mechanical or electrical tools.

The lightweight compact design means the shipping volume has been reduced.

Having developed a prototype tent, HTS TENTIQ worked with the client to adapt the design to suit their specific requirements. The client has since ordered a substantial quantity of the maintenance tents.


Carbon-Hybrid Maintenance Tent


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Carbon Maintenance Tent

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