Insulated Buildings for storage and loading
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Insulated Buildings for storage and loading


A logistics service provider was on the lookout for suitable options for its customers regarding the extension of a central transshipment center. Due to existing capacity bottlenecks, the large logistics company was forced to seek a solution which could be realized as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. The storage of the different kinds of materials was required to comply with the respective safety guidelines, particularly as the goods were sensitive. HTS TENTIQ was tasked with meeting the customer’s sophisticated requirements.


Within the time frame envisaged, HTS TENTIQ was able to design a bespoke solution to suit the available space for implementation in the form of a double-aisle lightweight warehouse. The choice fell on the double-aisle Insulated Lightweight Building from the LX series with roofing and wall cladding made of sandwich panels. The building was equipped with roller shutter doors, skylights, indoor lighting, a fall protection system and a SHEVS system. The solution guaranteed that the new facilities complied with all requirements placed on safe storage and warehouse handling installations. In addition, the overall concept factored in storing empty pallets and additional loading ramps right from the start.


Our customer benefits from considerable advantages thanks to the new facilities. The generous, insulated double-aisle building enables all work flows involving storage, logistics, shipment and onward transport within the building to be conducted seamlessly. Occupational safety for the warehouse personnel is now secured, while the high-volume traffic can be rigorously and reliably controlled – major benefits for the large-scale logistics company.


Insulated light-weight Building


30.00m x 40.00m x 6.20m
25.00m x 40.00m x 6.20m

Roof Design

A-frame with mono-pitch structure extension

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Insulated Building

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