Large Wedding Tent for Mewburn Park
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Large Wedding Tent for Mewburn Park


The client, an events venue in a beautiful colonial homestead near Melbourne, Australia required a large event tent for weddings and events. The site’s location takes in the surrounding farmland and countryside so the owners were keen to make the most of the stunning views.


The team at HTS TENTIQ worked closely with the venue’s owners to design their ‘dream tent’. The client visited the warehouse to see the wide range of marquees before deciding on a 20m x 10m Höcker large wedding tent, featuring an A-framed clear roof and side panels to make the most of the beautiful countryside. The HTS TENTIQ team were on hand to answer any questions, helping to reassure the event venue when making such an important decision.

Due to the open location the client was concerned with prevalent winds but reassured that their choice of the Höcker Large Party Tent would withstand wind speed conditions of 102 km/h, keeping their guests safe on windy days. The addition of a door panel in one of the bays meant that the venue could control the temperature on colder nights.

Quality and customer service were paramount to the venue to guarantee the safety of their guests and were key reasons why they selected HTS TENTIQ to design and install the marquee. Furthermore, knowing that any potential problems would be resolved quickly by the team at HTS TENTIQ convinced the client they had made the right choice.


The venue is delighted with their large wedding tent which complements the charming surroundings of the homestead. The addition of a large tent has meant that the venue can increase capacity for weddings, private parties and corporate events.


Höcker Large Party Tent


10.00m 20.00m 2.66m

Roof Design


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Höcker Large Party Tent

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