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Manhattan Premium Event Structure for Car Showroom


The client, a car retailer based in Australia, asked HTS TENTIQ to design and install a high-end temporary structure in which to house their car showroom.


The showroom needed sufficient access for cars to drive through. Following a full consultation with the HTS TENTIQ team, the client selected a Manhattan premium event structure. The Manhattan range is aesthetically appealing and gives the customer the opportunity to add promotional branding to the façade.

Working with Australian Temporary Structures, HTS TENTIQ designed and installed a 10m x 20m single storey premium event structure. The Manhattan features 2 wider glass double doors and a tiled floor to meet the specific requirements of the car retailer. The wider double doors enabled the client to easily move cars in and out of the showroom.


Car showroom was going to be installed for a 5-year period but the client was so happy with the Manhattan structure, that it will remain permanently in place.


Manhattan Single Level


10.00m x 20.00m x 4.00m

Roof type

Tensioned Vinyl

Product used in this case study:

Manhattan Single Level

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