Modular Train Maintenance Shed
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Modular Temporary Building for Train Maintenance Shed

HTS TENTIQ developed a temporary train maintenance workshop next to a trainline for a new housing development.


The client, a leading transport solution provider in the UK, created a new rail demonstration facility at Ironbridge to showcase their new vehicle, Revolution Very Light Rail (RVLR). Having worked with the client to design and install their new marketing suite, HTS TENTIQ was also asked to design and install a building suitable for train maintenance.

The company was looking for a flexible building solution during the initial site redevelopment that could be demounted and relocated to alternative sites when required.


After full consultation with the client, the HTS team installed an insulated temporary building as a train maintenance workshop to the following specification:

  • 10.00m width
  • 25.00m length
  • 6.20m eave height
  • Thermo insulated anti-condensation PVC roof and single layer gable cover in industrial grade white PVC
  • 40mm insulated sheet walling
  • 2 personnel doors for a side bay
  • 2 manual non-insulated roller shutter doors for a gable bay
  • 12 x 200-watt LED high bay lights

By buying directly from the manufacturer, the client was able to achieve a fast turnaround; initial enquiry to project completion took just over 3 months. Installation was completed more quickly than a conventional building.


The modular temporary building workshop represents the perfect solution for a redevelopment site as the building can be used for as long as is required and then relocated to a new site once needed.


Insulated Building


10.00m x 25.00m x 6.20m

Roof Design

Thermo Insulated Roof

Product used in this case study:

Insulated Building

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