Temporary Warehouse for Fire Engine Building
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Temporary Warehouse for Fire Engine Airport Building


A major airline company needed a temporary warehouse to increase their airside fire engine capacity.

A new contract, and the resulting increase in passengers, meant that safety regulations stipulated an increase in airside fire engines. Consequently, a larger building to house the additional fire engines was needed.

The airline did consider permanent facilities but the timing of the new contract and increase in passengers meant there wasn’t the time to go down this route. Although they knew temporary warehouse buildings were an option in terms of delivery timings, they weren’t sure this type of structure could provide all the functionality of a permanent fire engine building, especially the certified fire station doors.


The contractor assigned to the project soon realized HTS TENTIQ was the main provider who had the capability and experience of manufacturing bespoke buildings with this degree of customization.

As the building was to be situated airside a fence was erected around the construction to ensure safety regulations were followed. The warehouse building manufactured, delivered and installed was to the following specification:

  • 15.00m wide x 20.00m long x 5.20m eave height
  • Thermo roof covers
  • Insulated steel sandwich wall panels
  • 3 x personnel doors
  • 4 x certified fire station doors with full safety mechanism, alarm and required rapid rise timings
  • External guttering and downpipes
  • Site specific structural safety calculations
  • Build time – 5 days


The airline was able to react quickly to ensure they could fulfil the requirements of the new contract.

They achieved this fast response by using a temporary warehouse and the customization, including official fire engine doors, by working with the industry manufacturer, HTS TENTIQ.

Now they have seen first-hand what can be achieved with a temporary warehouse, they are considering using this type of structure for a new passenger facility.


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15.00m x 20.00m x 5.20m

Roof Design


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