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Wood-effect Large Wedding Tent

HTS TENTIQ designed a large wedding tent with a wood-effect finish.


One of our clients, a tent rental customer, was approached by a couple who were planning to celebrate their wedding in a beautiful parkland estate. In place of the traditional tent, the couple requested a large wedding marquee that would complement the natural surroundings and provide the necessary shelter.


The HTS TENTIQ sales team initially designed a Röder HTS Large Party Tent with a transparent roof and curtains to conceal the framework, but wanted to go the extra mile to make the wedding venue even more special. The HTS innovation team developed a technique for applying lacquer to the aluminum frame, giving it the appearance of wood. The lacquer coating gave the large wedding tent the appearance of an old barn, which was perfectly in keeping with the parkland setting.

We have an extensive range of large tents that can be customized to meet individual needs. There is a wide choice of options for walls, flooring, doors and other ancillary products. To blend in with the woodland surroundings, the venue chose a transparent roof and walling.


The wood-effect large wedding tent was delivered to the customer and mounted on a wooden floor that was previously supplied by HTS TENTIQ. The end result was stunning and perfectly complemented the setting.

Our client and the bride and groom were delighted with the result. The tent rental customer is particularly happy to have a unique and distinctive tent in their repertoire that will prove popular with their client base.


Röder HTS Large Party Tent


10.00m x 30.00m x 2.40m

Roof Design


Product used in this case study:

Röder HTS Large Party Tent

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