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Event tents

Our extensive range of high-quality, durable event tents includes a wide choice of striking design features, enabling venues to expand their space and maximize revenue streams.

Designed and manufactured
in Germany

Factory new buildings with comprehensive warranty

Extensive range
of accessories

Optimal solutions to suit every budget

Our event tents

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Our extensive range of pagoda tents, small party tents or large party tents are a popular choice for tent rental and event companies whilst our large premium tents are suitable for larger-scale events or venues. The stunning, functional and versatile two-storey and multi-level structures provide the perfect focal point at sporting or other large-scale events where premium hospitality is required. In addition to our standard range, we also manufacture a range of compatible temporary event structures which are designed to be fully interchangeable with the tent systems of other leading suppliers. This means you are not locked into one supplier and have more choice in terms of quality, availability and price.


We supply everything from small pagoda tents and party tents to two and three storey tents, custom structures and semi-permanent premium structures.


HTS TENTIQ continuously improves its range of tents and structures to ensure they suit all environments, provide maximum functionality, and provide maximum durability.


We have something to suit all budget requirements within our diverse range of products and designs.

Customer Service

Our highly trained technical sales and production team have decades of global industry and product knowledge, providing you with unparalleled customer service.


State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities produce up to 60,000 m2 of finished tents and temporary structures, allowing HTS TENTIQ to deliver fast and inexpensive global distribution ex works.


HTS TENTIQ offers a wide range of accessories ensuring that your tent is adapted to your precise needs. These include: glass facades, poly-glass roofs and side walls or insulated panels, parapet systems for branding and guttering, flooring systems, doors and windows, ramps and overhead canopies.


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