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Industrial & Commercial buildings

Our industrial and commercial temporary buildings are the ideal solution to quickly expand on-site storage, operational or retail space with an economical, durable and functional warehouse building.

Suitable for a wide range of applications such as temporary warehouses & industrial storage sheds, temporary workshop and production buildings, loading bay canopies and warehouse canopies, modular retail buildings as well as recycling buildings and waste processing facilities.

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Our Industrial and Commercial buildings

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Industrial and Commercial Buildings – Applications

The wide and versatile range of industrial temporary buildings are engineered from an industrial grade aluminum frame, meaning they can typically be installed in under a week and used on a temporary or permanent basis with hire or sale contracts. Various sizes, specification and insulation options make them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Our modular industrial sheds and buildings have been successfully used for numerous applications including:

  • Prefabricated temporary warehouses & storage sheds
  • Temporary workshop & production buildings
  • Loading bay canopies & warehouse canopies
  • Modular retail buildings, supermarkets & public facilities
  • Recycling buildings & waste processing

Building types of our Industrial and Commercial buildings

Our canopy buildings without side walls provide temporary storage for loading and basic weather protection. A loading bay canopy is a perfect solution for goods waiting to be loaded for transportation or being moved into a warehouse.

Our industrial canopies and warehouse canopy range can be installed onto existing concrete surfaces without preparatory ground works. They are ideal for creating quick and economical covered space and basic weather protection for loading/unloading, temporary storage or recycling.

Engineered from a lightweight aluminum frame and an industrial grade PVC roofing system, loading bay canopies can be supplied in a number of different configurations and options. Choose from industrial grade PVC roof covers or steel sheet roofs. Any number of walls can be added so long as a consistent air-flow is maintained. Wall panels can be either corrugated steel sheeting or PVC side panels.

Loading Bay Canopies and Canopy Buildings usually take around 3 or 4 days to install and can be used on a temporary or permanent basis. To assist with loading/unloading applications, an industrial canopy can be linked together or to existing warehouse buildings.

HTS TENTIQ offers various hire and purchase options. Our canopies can easily be dismantled, removed, relocated, or sold on.

As an entry-level product, our non-insulated storage tents are an ideal solution for non-sensitive storage and production environments when temperature regulation is not required.

The roof consists of a single layer industrial grade PVC fabric; walls are available in a choice of corrugated steel sheets or industrial grade PVC fabric. The roof allows a high degree of natural light, meaning lighting costs can be significantly reduced.

Standard buildings are available in a number of clear-span widths from 5.00 to 30.00m and side heights of 4.20m to 6.20m. Available in unlimited lengths on a bay distance of 5.00m. A wind load of 0.5 kN / m² (= 102km/h) and a snow load of 1.5 kN / m² (=150 kg) are taken into account. Bespoke sizes, configurations, colors as well as higher wind and snow loads are available on request.

Non-insulated temporary storage buildings take around 3-4 days to install, so can be available to use quickly. Our non-insulated buildings can easily be dismantled and relocated. They can be used on a hire contract as a temporary solution or purchased for long-term use.

The insulated anti-condensation roof is suitable for temperature sensitive product storage and operations. Suitable for a whole range of applications.

The excellent insulation, functionality, durability and aesthetics make our fully insulated temporary structures a popular alternative for permanent warehouses or industrial buildings.

Both the roof and wall cladding consist of insulated sandwich panels, which can be configured in different thicknesses depending on your requirements.

Insulated temporary buildings are available in a wide variety of dimensions: Clear-span widths ranging from 5.00m to 30.00m, side height from 4.20 m to 6.20 m. Unlimited length are possible with bay distance of 5.00 m. A wind load of 0.5 kN / m² (= 102 km / h) and a snow load of 1.5 kN / m² (= 150 kg) are taken into account. Customized sizes as well as higher wind and snow loads can be implemented on request.

The assembly time is only approx. 7-8 days and enables you to use it as quickly as possible. HTS TENTIQ offers a number of hire and purchase options.

Our custom-made premium buildings are designed and manufactured to customer requirements. We offer a full range of energy efficient components including insulated sandwich panels for roofs and walls, windows, a range of doors in all sizes and variants, as well as lighting and heating.

HTS TENTIQ has the expertise and capacity to design, manufacture and construct bespoke premium buildings in virtually any size and with a wide range of specifications and equipment. All essential components are manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facility in Kefenrod, Germany.

One of the main advantages of customized buildings is the ability to manufacture to site specific structural safety standards – achieving higher than the standard country or regional snow and wind tolerances. We have even engineered and manufactured prefab buildings for high altitude earthquake zones in the Chilean Andes!

We put the needs of our customers first and our qualified and experienced team is available to assist at any time. Please get in touch with us.


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If you are looking for a robust structure for medium to long-term use, an HTS TENTIQ temporary warehouse building is the answer. Buildings are manufactured using an industrial aluminum frame which means they take just days to construct on site, can be used on a temporary or permanent basis and achieve huge cost and time savings when compared to a more traditional building.


HTS TENTIQ supplies canopies, non-insulated temporary storage buildings, climate-controlled warehouses or insulated temporary industrial buildings as standard. Customized solutions are available on request.


HTS TENTIQ continuously improves its range of tents and structures to ensure they suit all environments, provide maximum functionality, and provide maximum durability.


Flexible financing options are available so you can choose to buy or rent an industrial temporary building. Buildings are easy to dismantle, remove, relocate, resell or adapt, offering flexibility in your business decisions.

Customer Service

Our team of industrial building experts can offer advice on installation, dismantling and relocation. They are available to assist with ongoing maintenance and project management as needed.


State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities produce up to 60,000 m² of finished tents and temporary structures, allowing HTS TENTIQ to deliver fast and inexpensive global distribution ex works.


A comprehensive range of accessories is available: various door options, windows, roofing, heating and air conditioning equipment, electrical equipment, lighting, flooring or gutters.

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