Virtual Tours

Our virtual tours take digital service to the next level. Experiense our product range in a new dimension and get inspiring design ideas for your business solution.

With our 360-degree tours, you can conveniently walk through our event tents and temporary buildings – no matter where you are. This gives you a glimpse of our prefabricated and customized solutions.

Experience interior space concepts

Take a virtual tour of our industrial tents and structures. Navigating is easy: Simply tap or click on the position markers to move on or to select a different area. Give it a whirl!

Find out more about our customer service

Want to get in touch with us? Simply use our contact form – this is the fastest way to contact one of our team of experts.


We are a globally recognised and trusted brand, providing customers the world over with a diverse product range, outstanding quality, global presence and innovative ideas.


Large and diverse range of over 600 tents, temporary buildings and accessories for sale worldwide.


Continuous innovation using advanced technology and materials such as those used in the patented Carbon Hybrid range.


Over 60 technical experts providing global consultation, regional knowledge and individual service.

Customer Service

Comprehensive technical support for the duration of the project and after installation, with full installation and project management where required.


State-of-the-art production facility with a weekly production output of up to 60,000 m² of finished tents and temporary buildings, enabling fast and inexpensive worldwide distribution ex works.


A comprehensive range of accessories providing optimum comfort in different environments. These include insulation, flooring, heating and air conditioning equipment and electrical equipment.

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