Temporary Supermarket Building
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Semi-Permanent Customized Temporary Supermarket Building


The client needed an attractive, comfortable and fully functional temporary supermarket building to ensure trading could continue at full capacity during a major redevelopment project of the existing store. The temporary building was needed for 12 months only and needed to remain on the same site while the development project was carried out.


We provided the client with 1, 350 m² of instant retail space by installing a 30.00m x 45.00m insulated structure on an eave height of 4.20m. To create the comfortable and suitable space required for such a high profile and busy public facility, the building was insulated using a Thermo inflatable roof system and 70mm insulated side walls.

To change the industrial element of the building to a more attractive unit suitable for public use, we also supplied and installed double glazed glass walling and a sophisticated 5.00m x 10.00m entrance. This included two sets of electric double doors, external access ramps and staircases, an integrated gutter system and trolley park.

The complete structure was installed on a heavy duty floor system which was laser levelled to accommodate existing site ground conditions.


As with all refurbishment projects, it’s imperative that operations or trading don’t lose momentum while the improvement work is carried out. The temporary and flexible nature of our buildings and finance options really came into their own on this project, ensuring no loss of trade or custom was experienced while the permanent store underwent modernization and improvement.


Insulated Buildings


30.00m x 45.00m x 4.20m

Roof Design


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